Satguru Gurukul

About Us

Satguru Gurukul The Advance Learning Center is an Indian Educational Technology Private Limited Company, Headquartered in Delhi. It was founded in 2016  as a k-12 Coaching Institute . But now in 2021 it name changed into ‘Satguru Gurukul the Advance Learning Center'(SGTALC) and it provides Online & Offline Educational Services in india & other country.

Message From Founder's Desk

“In today’s era, many poor and promising children are unable to study due to
expensive fees. To eliminate this problem from the root, our institution has prepared
such a modern Gurukul and hostel with facilities for such students, in which
Education is being provided to the children free of cost with all the modern facilities
of the world. In which children can make their future good and beautiful.”

“Success always comes after failure, so don’t be afraid to fail, keep try again and
again one day success will kiss your feet.”

R.K. Chauhan

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all facilities of Modern Education, to all those students who do not get to their goals due to poor financial status. For such students, We Grant an opportunity to root out their problems through our scholarship Programmes.